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Drew Temperio


Drew Timperio
Guitar player and Artwork for Desolation/Father of Project Pain Productions
Chatham ON
Musical Influences: Pantera (Dimebag Darryl), Lamb of God, In Flames, Hatebreed, Prong, Slayer, Strung Out, Sick of it All, Nofx, Propagandhi, Black Flag, Minor Threat

In 1996 Drew became part of something he had yet to find out that was in him all along. Metal and punk were in his blood, and he was about to experience. Malicki’s Happy Corn Club was the first time Drew had ever played with a band on stage. A punk circus act of revolving members and great music. Though people in the band were always changing it was that very thing that caused interest in the band locally. Drew credits being with this band killed the stage fright at a young age.

Fast forward a bit to 2003 Drew and some close friends formed the metal band Section Eight. Playing a ton of shows and making new friends in the scene. This is around the same time “Niagara Metal” surfaced. A collective of musicians in the city that would promote and support other metal musicians and shows, passing along any news and events happening in the city. During this time Drew picked up the drums and bass. Section Eight lasted until 2005.

In 2007 was a coming of age year for Drew as a few exciting and interesting things happened for him. Project Pain Productions was founded. He founded the project with the late Scott Balfour and later having Anthony Del Gobbo and Ben Osbourne become his assistance and all men were vital to the operation. Drew was on the path to creating a metal scene in Niagara that would rival larger cities in the country. Project Pain Productions gave Drew the opportunity to get local bands on the same stage as touring bands.

Drew is also credited with being the founder of Niagara Metal Fest. A 2 day outdoor festival dedicated to fuckin’ metal. The festival includes 18 local acts from around the region and 2 headlining acts that are on tour at the time of the show. It is to be said that Metal Fest can be heard anywhere in the city. Over 5 years’ time it had evolved nicely. Drew is credited with winning Promoter of the year 2 years in a row for his accomplishments. During the evolution of Project Pain Productions, Pain TV was created. It was the brain child of Drew and Adam Craig of VBM Productions. Filming a shit ton of live events and interviewing hundreds of musical greats over the years, the project would come full circle for Drew while interviewing Joey “Shithead” of D.O.A. Along with all of the personal projects in Drew’s career he also worked as the live event manager for Mikado in St. Catharines; where he was booking three live acts a week from local to big name bands and for music of all kinds, from metal to rap, even folk music. Drew also controlled the sound for the club.

Along with the music Drew has an artist side of him and did graphic design for live shows, merchandise such as stickers and shirts as well as web and logo design.

Though Project Pain Productions is still in the back of his mind Drew has taken a break from it to focus on his current endeavours, his band “Desolation”
Desolation was formed in 2008 and debuted on the stage St. Patrick’s Day of 2009. The club was packed and everyone was at happy drunk status. The band played and the moshing began. There isn’t many other ways to describe it other than the “perfect beginning” and one hell of a night to remember. Drew and the band have traveled all over Ontario to perform live and are currently planning another tour. With 3 albums to date and another in the making Desolation are rising fast, always delivering a great performance and fuckin’ metal.
Though Drew is currently residing in Chatham his love affair with music is largely based in the Niagara Region, and you can find him on or around any metal stage in the scene.



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