Sofa City Sounds



Lutharo. Its fucking off the wall!

Slingshotted out of Hamilton to land on the Coalition stage in Toronto, this band was by far the best surprise of the evening. All bands were fuckin' fantastic, but these guys were, just, wow!

I had no idea what to expect. 

The sound that comes out of that woman. What a performer! At just over 5 feet tall she goes from sweet and melodic to a guttural riot with the flip of a switch. This girl makes Arch Enemy look like preschool. Such grace and guts. What a beautiful thing.  Krista Shipperbottom is one bad ass vocalist. And a genuinely sweet woman. She is backed up by some of the craziest musicians. This and just blows you away with every note.

I walked into the show blindly. I didn't learn anything about the bands before I walked in. I walked passed Krista a few times, clearly not knowing what I was in for. As soon as the show started and this tiny girl appeared on the stage, the wondering what to expected happened. It only lasted a second. Without warning the band started and my ear holes were instantly attached to the sound. I recommend a million times over seeing these guys!



The Mahones


When you're not supposed to be working, but, the Mahones!

The energy in the Horseshoe Tavern is something else. You feel the history when you walk in the door. The closer you get to the stage the more you are drawn in to the raw energy of the building.

Ruddy Ruckus opened the show. They were great! An all around fantastic party band. They are out of Hamilton Ontario and have been frequenting the scene since 2012. Incredibly high energy. They really got the crowd going.

The Mahones were on fire. I have been sober for over 10 yrs. I was promised by the time the Mahones were finished I would feel drunk. This was NO lie! I was intoxicated by the energy these guys let off and filled the room with. It was like they threw a drink bomb into the crowd and there was nothing any of us could do to stop it. Embrace was the only thing that could happen. This show was sort of a champagne birthday for the boys. The band turned 29 and so did Gui their drummer.

Their accordion player flew in from Germany to grace the stage with the Mahones. What a woman. What a balance of grace and punk she had on stage. The Mahones are always good for having some kind of trick up there sleep when on stage and this shows was no exception. Finny Mc Connell (the lead singer and guitar player) pulled Christie Hails of the Battered Egos up onto the stage for a bone chilling tribute to Delores O'Riordan of the Cranberries. They performed zombie. I have seen Christie perform a few times but oh man did something take over her that night. Christie belonged on stage with the Mahones that night. The set list was fantastic.  One high energy hit after another. Oldies and goodies. The energy was intoxicating and everybody in the horseshoe tavern left a little drunker and a little more Irish than when they walked in.


Snake River Redemption

Snake River Redemption is fucking amazing! They absolutely make you feel what they play. Their instruments are very much an extension of themselves. They are 100% on point with complimenting each others talent with more raw in your face talent.


As a music writer I feel spoiled or privileged when I  get to see bands like this in such an intimate setting. I was hooked from the first note. My ear holes were flooded by awe. Straight out of the Toronto metal scene, these guys really know how to take control of a stage and show their fans a good time. All the way from Bulgaria, Geni is an amazing drummer. He has incredible control of his speed and timing. He is precise with every smack of the skin.

With influences like Dime Bag Darryl, and bands like Texas Hippy Coalition, Josh, their guitar player, natural and effortlessly tears every note he plays apart.

Jay, the bass player and lead vocals is on fire. His vocal energy violates everyone in the room as manipulates his bass with ease.

Being my first review of Snake River Redemption I can't lie, I was blown away by their larger than life stage presence (that may or may not have to do with the fact that Josh is some where around 6 1/2 feet tall). I would recommend seeing them every chance you get. They are genuine guys with a smash fast vibe.